The Best viral videos

JANUARY 13, 2013

The Best viral videos

Best viral videos

Posted by newsplaylist   on January 13, 2013

Viral Videos

Viral videos of everything you can think of cats,babies,rapping,dogs,pranks, funny videos and more these YouTube sensations never get old for a lot of people and we never are  able to predict a video will be viral before the videos become viral. The mystery of what viral videos do.. we will show you next, what makes us hooked on them!!!  If it’s not a little girl rapping with a self defense keychain as seen on Youtube  Personal safety with the best personal safety or the gangnam style video.

The bottom line is people like these videos and that’s why the become viral. Word of mouth doubles every day and this is how it happens. In other words one day 1000 people are talking about the next day 2000 and  then 4000 and so on.

Can’t wait to see the next viral video myself. lol have a great 2013


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