Pressure Point Knockouts
Where are the legions of martial artists whose health has been ruined by these strikes?” There are two answers to these questions. First, it is not possible to observe the long-term effects on a person’s health arising from pressure point strikes if they have not yet occurred. But second, and more importantly, one need only turn an article by Dr. Michael Kelly, which appeared in the September 2002 issue of Black Belt titled “Fact or Fiction? Medical Science Examines Dim Mak and Its Infamous Death Touch,” to see evidence from the medical literature documenting the serious injuries inflicted from pressure point techniques. According to Dr. Kelly, “Modern medical literature contains numerous articles and case studies that provide evidence that attacking the body’s vital points can result in serious injury.Instructors who knock out students to prove they can do so should be reprimanded, for promoting the unsafe uses of these techniques. Common sense indicates that being in a state of unconsciousness is unnatural and, at best, one cannot precisely predict what the long-term implications of being placed in this state will be for any given individual. At the risk of stating the obvious, martial arts instructors have a responsibility to both teach and protect their students. We hope that all instructors keep this in mind when they teach pressure points techniques.


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